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Underfloor Heating (4)A growing number of customers are looking for reliable, professional and experienced underfloor heating installers in London. This form of heating is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that rooms with underfloor heating can feel warmer and unsightly wall mounted radiators are no longer required.

With more than 25 years’ experience of providing high quality plumbing services we are rapidly earning a reputation for being one of the best underfloor heating installers London has to offer, providing luxury heating at surprisingly affordable prices.

Thinking of installing underfloor heating? Want to know how much it will cost?

What distinguishes us from many other underfloor heating installers in London is our focus on customer satisfaction. This is demonstrated in everything we do. From our initial meeting, to showing you the CAD plans of your new heating system, through to final completion and clear up, we keep you updated and informed about our progress, every step of the way.

CAD Designs for Underfloor Heating

Not only do we prefer to work in this way, our customers appreciate it too. This means that we provide a level of service that exceeds that provided by many if not most other underfloor heating installers in London.

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Underfloor heating: The facts

Our customers find underfloor heading very appealing. One of the most common reasons for this is the improved performance of this type of domestic heating system compared with more traditional domestic radiators – underfloor heating means no more freezing cold floors on dark winter mornings. This type of heating also provides a more uniform and consistent room temperature.

Underfloor heating has been proven to perform better than more traditional domestic radiators. This form of heating is:

  • more efficient – heats from the ground up meaning you feel warmer sooner
  • runs at a low temperature – yet provides the same feeling of warmth as traditional radiators
  • easy to control – you can even select different temperatures for different areas of your home
  • suitable for all types of floors – that includes timber, laminate and vinyl flooring

It is also compatible with all modern heating systems, relatively easy to install and requires little maintenance once installed.

Without unsightly radiators, a home with underfloor heating looks more spacious, less cluttered and more homely. A definite advantage if you are considering selling your home in the future.   And, like all of the best underfloor heating installers in London, we remove your existing radiators and pipework, clean up afterwards and dispose of all waste safely.

If you have a plumbing or central heating problem contact us now, on or email us at . We can tell you how we can help and provide you with a free, no obligation quotation, on request.

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