Boiler Servicing

Boilers London (5)To ensure that your boiler is working efficiently at all times we suggest getting it serviced on an annual basis. Our engineers are fully qualified professionals who have extensive experience in undertaking reliable boiler servicing in London.

It is very important that central heating boilers are regularly thoroughly serviced. Older boiler systems can have a wide variety of problems. These can only be addressed by qualified heating engineers.

You can be confident that all of our gas engineers are fully trained and Gas Safe qualified and would be more than pleased to provide an annual service.

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Annual servicing can:

  • help prevent boilers becoming less efficient
  • ensure that older heating systems are less likely to have age related problems such as ventilation problems, gas leaks etc.
  • can identify boiler problems before they get any worse, preventing more expensive breakdowns in future

Our growing reputation for providing efficient and effective boiler servicing in London is your guarantee that we will provide the best quality service possible.

You can depend on us for professional boiler servicing in London

The problem with older boilers

London Plumbers Intersmooth DevelopmentsA central heating system that is more than 18 years old is more likely to break down and may need to be repaired more often. This results in unexpected and unwelcome repair costs.

Older heating systems can use more gas than they should, making them more expensive to use. Leaking and inefficient radiators can also be a problem and it is not unusual to find older systems that are suffering from unacceptably high levels of corrosion.

As experts in boiler servicing in London, we advise all of our clients that the best way to avoid any problems associated with faulty heating systems is to have their boiler serviced on a regular basis.

If you do not service your boiler regularly it could become unsafe. Faulty boilers can emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO), a poisonous gas the effects of which can be fatal. Your family could be at risk if carbon monoxide is present at home. If you are a Landlord you are legally responsible for the safety of boiler systems in your properties.

For most boilers an annual service is sufficient to maintain it in good working order.

Few heating companies are able to match our unique combination of high quality engineering skills and a dedication to customer services, earning us a reputation as one of the best companies specialising in Boiler Servicing in London.

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